Trent @ Foster Burger

TRENT @ Foster Burger (503) 775-2077
5339 SE Foster Road, Portland, Oregon, 97206

Why he’s dreamy:
Someone once gave me an excellent piece of dining-out advice, and I’m passing it on to you here, free of charge…When you go to a restaurant that has a particular food item in its name, you should order that food. Then you know that if it isn’t any good, you never have to go back, because if they put it in their name but can’t make it tasty…Well, it doesn’t bode well for the foodstuffs they’re not literally staking their name on. You won’t have to worry about that at Foster Burger. I hear the salads and shakes are worth trying, but I can’t seem to get past the luscious hunk of extra-back-fat-added beefy deliciousness. There is also a lamb burger and a vegan burger for those so inclined, and they’re all accompanied by crispy, piping-hot fries. Bestill my bloodthirsty heart…

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