Tyler @ Union

(pictured:  Woody, Tyler, Manuel)

TYLER @ Union (206) 838-8000
1400 First Avenue, Seattle, WA, 98101

Why he’s dreamy:
Potato gnocchi (yes, CG1 has a crush on gnocchi in general so don’t be surprised if they’re a recurring theme) with nettles, bacon, and creme fraiche. We also flirted madly with a melt-in-your-mouth buttery smooth kampachi crudo with fresh basil and diced crisp/sweet…apple? But we must confess that Tyler is extra cute due to A) his adorable kitchen companions and B) Keith, who is crushworthy in his own right and our favorite bartender in Seattle right now. And if we’re remembering the dishes wrong, it’s Keith’s fault. *wink* Tyler and crew get extra chef crush hearts for not being afraid of lil ole CG1 and her camera.

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