Luke @ Clyde Common

LUKE @ Clyde Common (503) 228-3333
1014 SW Stark Street, Portland, Oregon, 97205

Why he’s dreamy:
Tagliatelle with spring onions, morel and king oyster mushrooms, chard, and grana padano is a down-to-earth delight, and we love the combination of seared scallop with grilled beef tongue, fennel, and green goddess. The marinated octopus, blood sausage, potato, orange, and oregano appetizer is sassy and surprising, just the way we love a cool chef.

P.S. We really hope we didn’t get his name wrong. Our notes are a little difficult to read due to the *ahem* effectiveness and efficiency of the crushable-in-their-own-right bartenders and their dee-lish alcoholic concoctions. *sheepish grin* Feel free to correct us if we’re tipsy, errrr, mistaken…

2 Responses to “Luke @ Clyde Common”

  1. chefcrush Says:

    Sorry, I don’t know. Although it does seem like the yummiest chefs usually have significant others…


  2. Caprice Hammon Says:

    Why yes, yes he does…

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